Professional services change over time due to technological innovations, shifting roles in the added-value chain and – ultimately - new consumer demands. On the verge of transition opportunities for new business surface. PWNEXT works with partners and industry stakeholders to develop new B2B ventures that accelerate because of their ability to leverage the transitioning professional landscape.

Transition drives business opportunities

  • Faraday Keys

    August 2016 - Developing and investing in business concepts for global automotive and energy players to create sustainable growth from the fossil-to-electric transition. Launched in August 2016. Works with the auto and energy industry to initiate start-up companies as an efficient means to explore, develop and deploy profitable business streams based on renewable energy.

  • Sevendots

    January 2010 - Management consulting. Launched in 2010. Delivers strategy, innovation and brand services in Europe, US and Asia. Over 40 senior consultants with agency and client backgrounds. Sevendots uniquely bridges the gap between the abundance of big data, the need for experience marketing and the inertia of corporate decision making.

  • NICO

    January 2009 - Consumer engagement marketing. Launched in 2009. Investment vehicle specialized in scouting start-up companies and preparing them for next round funding. NICO jumped into the quickly emerging change of the relationship between consumers and brands. Consumers want to be in the driver seat. NICO unites innovative companies to create holistic, consumer-led experiences.

  • VisualizeMe

    April 2012 - Visualization and design services. Launched in 2012. Powerful Amsterdam-based team of visualizers, animation designers and illustrators, providing story-telling services to multinational clients. VisualizeMe answers the challenge of many businesses to explain complex ideas in a convincing way. Ideas are as strong as their ability to get others supporting them. VisualizeMe moves ideas forward.

  • Why pwnext

    PWNEXT was born of the desire to find an answer to a changing role between consumers and brands during the first ten years of the 21st century. Digital, mobile technology massively enabled consumers to create and share experiences with brands. Success for corporate companies no longer relied on traditional sender-oriented marketing but on enabling consumers to create their own brandrelated experiences. This transition gave room for PWNEXT and its partners to develop 3 business-to-business offerings, each providing solutions to different aspects: strategy development, creation and visualization.

    We are now experiencing a new transition which is quickly gaining momentum: the change from fossil to renewable energy: this is considered the largest disruption since the internet. It fundamentally changes the role of two large players: the energy and automotive industry. PWNEXT believes that great opportunities exist to develop profitable business streams on the basis of this energy transition. PWNEXT has launched a venture in 2016 which partners with global industrial players to make this transition happen.

  • Pieter Willems

  • PWNEXT was initiated by Pieter Willems. During the early years of the internet, Pieter worked with financial and IT companies to develop online services specifically for consumers. Conversion went handin- hand with ease of understanding and userfriendliness. When the internet became social, Pieter worked as digital innovator with a global marketing analyses agency. He supported decision making of clients by putting consumers at the heart of their brands. In the mobile phase of the internet Pieter continued his work on optimizing digital touch points and driving consumer engagement. In the meantime, he started to collaborate with global automotive brands to support the conversion from products to services: one of the key prerequisites for a successful fossil-to-electric transitioning. Pieter developed a strong expertise in digital, consumer marketing and technology adoption.